Monday, December 28, 2009

sports injury

i'm reduced to all lower case after breaking my wrist while ice skating on christmas eve. 2 things to be grateful for: it's my left wrist, so i can still draw, and it really is a "sports injury", which is way cooler than just falling down the stairs. what an enormous treat it was to come into the kitchen christmas morning and find zoe and nicky making breakfast! wearing antlers! husband jim made the entire christmas dinner (with a little direction from me on the veggies) and i realized how ... superflous i am. in a good way. now that i know how resourceful and capable and generous my dear little nuclear family is, i happily relinquish the key to the holiday cabinet.
isn't the best christmas gift always the intangible, the sublime, the epiphany?


  1. Sounds like the universe intervening to give you a break (ha ha) after all the craziness of the last few months.
    Can I sign your cast?

  2. oh Judy! I'm so sorry. But glad your family is taking good care of you.