Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine month goodbye

As February closes up Love Shop 2010, a last valentine to the Universe, and lovely weekend to all!


Yikes. Where did 2 months go?? The broken wrist (mostly mended, thanks) definitely slowed my pace, but I managed to "get by, with a little help from my friends"- you know who you are! This was the January blitz:

The opening was a success with wonderful attendance and SALES! Hilda Spain, Nadine Buckinger and I have been painting buddies for the past year, supporting each other on our painting paths, and this is our first group show. Note that it's still up through 3/20, if your find yourself in Winston-Salem, NC. Next day, back in Charlotte, I presented a program for teens exploring art careers at The Mint Museum- all about keeping a sketchbook as a visual diary, and the exciting life to be had as a professional illustrator! Then, back to WS to give a gallery talk with my art pals (below) on our collaboration. It's been busy, nice.